iMA is a sales and software service platform that connects a growing team of independent media professionals with media companies and brand advertisers.

We build audiences

We manage digital media platforms that drive sales and maximize brand impact.  Through our network of niche publishers, we reach more than 45 MM monthly uniques in the boomer, mature, millenial, college/young adult sector.  We have also created dozens of custom audiences data segments from likely genealogist to prospective college student in Facebook and Instagram.  These are unique social data segments not available with other social agencies or social media platforms directly.

But we’re more than a platform.

We drive growth

We consult for social, media tech, and new media companies looking for strategy, marketing and sales services.

We offer media sales representation, including ad operations, for websites & media companies.

We develop new marketing, advertising, and sales channels and solutions to help brands achieve market goals and rive ROI.

We have people

While so many digital platforms and media companies are only focused on the magic technical fix we understand that there are people behind every great digital solution.  IMA is a collaboration of senior media sales and product professionals with an average of 10+ years in digital and social media sales and operations.  We have ad tech experts, social media experts, email experts, data targeting and on-boarding experts, and partnering and business development experts.  All are able to work with brands to drive new sales channels or with media companies and web sites to drive more revenue and innovation.

Advisory Board