In-Browser VR

Though many marketers and designers are aware of the supposed revolution in digital media due to the commercial launch of VR devices, few realize the potential to create immersive VR experiences without the need for specialized hardware.

What do we mean?

iMedia now offers VR services that do not require the user to have a VR headset.

It is now affordable to use Virtual Reality technology such as 360-degree cameras and computer-generated graphics to give your digital content an unmatched customer experience. As of 2018, both Lowes and Walmart have conducted VR training programs for both customers and employees. VR continues to be an outstanding teaching and story conveyance tool for marketers and designers.

Before, some businesses had the budgeting edge to be early adopters. It is now practical and affordable to virtually provide a tour through a museum exhibit, a company story in rich detail, or an employee training program.

Mobile AR

On mobile, there are opportunities in the space of AR or Augmented Reality. iMedia is devoted to developing apps that engage users in finding information and creative content while they go about their day. Efforts by Nintendo with ‘Pokemon Go’ and more recently the New York Times have only begun to scratch the surface of potential AR applications.

Without hardware requirements and high costs, the only limit of VR and AR is imagination. There are opportunities for existing businesses as well as opportunities for brand new ventures.

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