Genealogical technology has helped answer questions we have about our past and has helped inspire a more holistic vision of human heritage. As of 2018, there are more resources than ever to help discover family origins and share compelling stories. We have reached a point where we can all be the genealogists of our family by spitting in a DNA test-tube and using the tools provided by, MyHeritage, 23andMe, and Living DNA. These 4 talks from RootsTech 2018 highlight how modern genealogy is empowered by technology but still fueled by personal passion.

Company Introduction: iMediaAudiences is the advertising agency specializing in genealogy and the boomer demographic. Team members Josh Iverson, Sharon Edlefsen, and Claude Hulet attended RootsTech 2018.

Living DNA – Hanna Morden and David Nicholson

Living DNA launched in the UK in 2016 and their system of DNA analysis is an excited look at what is to come from DNA technology. They tell the story of how a woman who was abandoned as a child was able to identify her father using the DNA on a postage stamp.

The advancing your Genealogy Search with DNA – Anna Swayne

Step by step on how to use to find and identify your shared DNA matches. Creating your family tree and finding people you are related to from the millions of people using

Finding the Right DNA Test for You – Jim Brewster

So, what is “DNA” at this point? How do we read it, and how well do we read it? What is the difference between the x and y chromosomes when it comes tracing back your linage? This will be your guide to how much we know about DNA and how leading researchers analyze at its components.

Reconstruct your Ancestors World with Google – Lisa Louise Cooke

The energy when Lisa Cooke asks “Are you ready to google?” tells you a lot about the rest of the talk. It is everything in practicality, but you need to bring your attention to the table. Even so, she does a great job keeping you engaged during an in-depth lesson about to how to effectively use google search when searching for genealogical information.